Full grade enrollment

We heard diverse expectations of parents and students making it possible for your child joining our global community of learners.

FSI GO is the Online arm of Finnish Schools International, a disruptive, tech infused, experiential learning school platform. Read our Story on Forbes.

Embark on a personalized learning journey with an Accredited Global Online Curriculum, inspired by the best Finnish education practices

7 Transversal Competences

Global Curriculum

A global curriculum that focuses on the whole child and considers every student’s needs individually. For more than 20 years, Finland has been considered the country with the best education system in the world. At FSI Global Online School, we apply principles and methodologies of the renowned Finnish approach to learning while integrating the best international practices and making it applicable worldwide.

International Standards

Although FSI GO Curriculum is inspired by the Finnish curriculum and methodology, it is aligned with US common core standards and English National Curriculums. We use standardized assessments to find learners’ starting points and through adaptive learning technology, we aim to personalize learning for every student. In this way, no matter if your child comes from a British, American, IB, or any other school, she or he will have the opportunity to develop into smart, creative, healthy, and happy individuals, able to tackle the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

US-Accredited High School Diploma

Through our partnership with Brigham Young University Online High School, your child can graduate with the US accredited and approved high school diploma, accepted at universities around the world! BYU Online High School is Cognia and Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools accredited and provides a curriculum aligned with the Educational standards of the United States and the State of Utah, USA.

Live classes with award-winning, globally-ranked teachers from around the world

To provide a world-class learning experience for your child, we built a team of some of the best teachers in the world: Top 10 Finalists in the Global Teacher Prize, National Winners of the Best Teacher Award, and renowned school textbook and digital book authors working together with tutors, mentors, and parents.

We are a different kind of (online) School

At FSI Global Online School, we provide a very unique learning journey. Whether conducting science experiments in your kitchen or in the Virtual Lab; coding your web page or your robot; designing and creating your handicraft project and launching your own business while still at school, we make sure that your child will not only succeed in education but also in life.

We integrated the most advanced education technology to build a more human,
student-centered experience

Flexible and personalized Learning for your child

Imagine your child’s school daily experience mixing live classes with peers and teachers from other cultures, chatting with coaches and building team projects that tackle global challenges; then, building insightful conversations with you, listening to your perspective and getting aware of your experience; and then, moving to self-paced individual learning time, supported by our enriched digital learning campus, powered by state of the art Educational Apps, artificial intelligence and adaptive learning technologies that follow-up daily your child’s progress; and of course! Enjoying time to develop a global network of friends, build healthy and spiritual habits, and get creative and artistic.

Our students’ well-being comes first.  Pastoral care, well-being, and counseling

Through the Online School app, every morning, our students tell us about their mood and well-being. Based on data from each student, class, and the whole school, we adjust our teaching and support and make direct interventions when necessary. Teachers and counselors organize by-weekly individual and group meetings as part of the counseling and development plan.

24/7 live online learning tutors supporting your child

Is your child having difficulties with Math or English? Our 24/7 Coaches and Tutors are there to help kids learn Math or English through lessons and support. Whether helping with an assignment or simple homework, there is always somebody there to help you!

A digital campus powered by Best Education Technology

Using over 60 education technology applications, we provide a personalized learning experience for every student. Whether experimenting with chemical elements in virtual labs, successfully completing coding and programming courses, learning how to play online instruments, getting fit, or learning another language, we provide the most advanced technology to support our students in learning and growth.

Working with ETON X to develop 21st-century skills

FSI Global Online School is working together with Eton X, part of the world-famous  Eton College, to deliver 21st-century skills development in essential skills, including Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Resilience, Entrepreneurship, and Impact Making.

Three-tier pricing based on your country's GDP per capita

To build a global school family we provide three different pricing levels according to your country’s economic development; this helps us build more equitable access to world-class education and reduce global inequalities. We’re happy you’ll share this dream.

Quit or transfer anytime!

We understand we are living in uncertain times, so you will be able to pay monthly, and you can change the school at any time.

Clubs and extra-curricular activities to your child's preference!

At FSI Global Online School, every student is entitled to a rich and varied enrichment experience. Our students engage in various extra-curricular activities and clubs to develop multiple skills necessary for their future development.

Proven success

“Our parents and students told us they loved online learning. So we built a global online school”

Last year, our schools in Southeastern Europe delivered world-class online education, better than any other school in the region and beyond. Please see the video of one of our students sharing his online learning experience.

“Featured on CNN International!”

Finnish Schools International Prishtina campus activities for #MyFreedomDay were featured on CNN International TV platform as well as CNN’s webpage. Teachers and students from pre-school through secondary joined together to highlight essential issues surrounding modern-day slavery.

About FSI Global Online School

FSI Global Online School is part of Finnish Schools International. FSI is the most innovative international school network inspired by the Finnish education system – the best in the world – combined with unique and proprietary educational technology. Our schools are fun, creative, engaging, and personalized.